Why do you think they will come out together? Harrry is the one who drops hints and showing support here.

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jesymix14 : Loves a car selfie ;)

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St. Louis - 27/8

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You&I 22.08

Running If You Call My Name
HAIM - The Current Session (2,075)


Running If You Call My Name - HAIM (In The Current Studio)


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hey, i haven't been on for the last 4 days... could you tell me the important things that happened in the fandom while i was away?


Well apparently these are wild times we’re living in, big things are happening on a daily basis, and you can’t even sleep or you’ll miss something. 4 days ago brings us back to Sunday, yes?

August 24: Dallas concert

  • Backstage at the fan meet and greet/signing, Harry bumped into Louis and Louis grazed his wrist. This might not sound like much, but just watch it. WATCH IT. X X X Liam’s reaction through the whole thing is pretty amazing too.
  • It also seems as if Harry wore one of Louis’ shirts. Again. X
  • And Harry continued to wear the blue bandana that day. The significance of that is right here.

August 25: Day off

  • Niall followed a Larry/Ziam Sims porn twitter. Yes. This is real life. Take a look. X X It got suspended/deleted/idek yesterday, but it came back and Niall is still following it so :)

August 26: Day off

August 27: St Louis concert

  • The One Direction Official Annual 2015 book came out. And for once the interviews in it have some decent information. For example: Louis apparently has a dog named Bruce that nobody knew about, Louis used to poke Harry in the face to entertain himself so that’s what they call it. alight, Harry and Louis’ favorite place to be is home, and their favorite thing to do on their days of is have a Sunday roast. These were separate interviews btw. But they gave the same answers. *suspicious moon emoji*
  • And here’s the really big one. At the concert Harry wore a jersey with Michael Sam’s name on it. Michael Sam is the first openly gay man drafted into the NFL. What Harry did was an incredible, brave action of support. X
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